Episode 4 – Simple Energy Efficiency Inventions with Big Impacts w/ Sam Pardue, Indow

May 19, 2024

Episode Notes

On today’s episode energy efficiency meets design as Elena and Pete speak with Sam Pardue, the CEO and Founder of Indow. Indow makes window inserts that improve efficiency, comfort and noise levels without the need to buy new windows. The duo chat with Sam about marketing and the benefits of secondary glazing, how skyscrapers can become far more energy efficient with humble upgrades and Sam’s philosophy on business building, among other topics.

0:00 – What are Indow window inserts? How do they work?

6:50 – Secondary glazing – what is it and why is it so effective for carbon reduction?

9:50 – What do customers care about and how do you motivate people to get excited about energy efficiency-oriented purchases?

20:00 – How has COVID, shift to WFH movement affected Indow’s business?

23:40 – Reducing GHG emissions from buildings is a priority for New York City. What is the impact of its Local Law 97?

26:50 – Companies that Sam admires

30:05 – When you have an idea for a project, what are the first steps you take to figure out if it could even be a viable business idea?

33:05 – Article and book recommendations

Articles and References