We make America's energy ecosystem more efficient.


American Efficient partners with electric utilities to develop and operate portfolios of distributed energy resources, including distributed generation, distributed storage, demand response, and energy efficiency.

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What we do.

American Efficient acts as a bridge between manufacturers, retailers, installers, and owners of Distributed Energy Resources and the utilities and markets that can use those resources to meet our collective energy needs. 

How we work.

American Efficient acts as an aggregator and manager of Distributed Energy Resource portfolios in North America.  We work with utilities and markets to define desirable grid resources and then work with a wide variety of partners to bring those resources to the grid.

What we have accomplished.

American Efficient has worked with partners in over 25 states to develop over 500MW of distributed energy resources in the last five years, roughly the equivalent of two natural gas power plants.  

Our Team

American Efficient is composed of a diverse team with public, private, and social sector experience in bringing distributed energy innovations to market.  We're passionate about serving consumers and the public.

American Efficient helps consumers enjoy the full value of their distributed energy investments.

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