Episode 6 -Sealing Air Leaks and Driving the Energy Transition w/ Amit Gupta, CEO of Aeroseal

June 15, 2024

Episode Summary

On our latest episode of New Generation, we had the pleasure of speaking with Amit Gupta, CEO of Aeroseal. Amit’s company has gained attention for its innovative technology that seals air ducts from the inside, improving the thermal envelope of buildings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

During our conversation, Amit shared his belief that “buildings are a big culprit of making climate change worse” and discussed Aeroseal’s mission to combat climate change. We also explored the current state of building codes related to energy efficiency and potential changes, as well as the Inflation Reduction Act and its impact on Aeroseal’s business.

Episode Notes

This episode covers the following topics:


  • Today’s topic: air leaks and their impact on energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Introduction of guest Amit Gupta, CEO of Aeroseal


  • Overview of Aeroseal’s approach to air-sealing homes and commercial buildings
  • Explanation of how the product works to seal air ducts
  • Importance of technology in addressing air leaks
  • Use of analogy to explain concept (leaky gas tank)


  • Overview of current building codes related to energy efficiency and potential changes
  • Discussion of the Inflation Reduction Act and its relevance to Aeroseal’s business (specifically, sections 45L and 25C)


  • Skills to consider acquiring when starting out in the industry
  • Size and importance of cleantech ecosystem in the Midwest
  • Role of Aeroseal as a leader in the region
  • Recommendations for clean energy resources and reading materials