Coming Soon: New Generation Podcast!

May 19, 2024

📢We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of New Generation, a podcast hosted by CEO Pete Curtice and Senior Analyst Elena Mannion.

In each episode, we’ll delve into the policies and innovations needed for energy efficiency to fully contribute to global emissions reductions while also providing practical tips for folks looking to make a career in clean tech.

Our first episode arrives *this Thursday* with four additional episodes coming every Tuesday and Thursday in September:

1/ Understanding U.S. Energy Markets w/ , Former FERC Commissioner
2/ Understanding the Inflation Reduction Act w/ Alex Laskey, Rewiring America
3/How Should We Think About Integrating New Clean Energy Resources into the Grid w/ Kathleen Spees, The Brattle Group
4/ Simple Energy Efficiency Inventions with Big Impacts w/ Sam Pardue, Indow
5/ Policymakers Sometimes Need Help Too w/ Mandy Mahoney, Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)

Stay tuned!