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American Efficient Team MembersMission and Culture

Our mission is to work towards a world where energy efficiency creates reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy for all.

The energy system is approaching a tipping point where renewable and clean energy will re-invent the energy system — and American Efficient is at the forefront of this transition. If you care about the planet, there’s no better place to have an outsized impact on climate change mitigation.

As a mission-driven organization and certified B-Corporation, we embrace a broader vision of success that encompasses learning, innovation, creativity, flexibility, equity, and human dignity.

Our culture is built on collaboration, and we believe American Efficient must be a welcoming place for all. We are committed to creating a psychologically safe workplace and environment where employees from all identity groups will thrive. We do this through collective learning aimed at producing a systematic change in ourselves. We’re also working actively to combat systems of discrimination through a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan, and to hold ourselves accountable by issuing an annual summary of this work (download our 2022 report card).