Announcing our Spring 2023 ‘See It, Feel It, Seal It’ campaign

May 15, 2023
Announcement Seal It!

We are thrilled to announce that American Efficient will be renewing the ‘See It, Feel It, Seal It’ campaign for Spring 2023, starting on May 15th. The campaign aims to educate homeowners about the importance of addressing air leaks in their homes, which can lead to wasted energy and decreased comfort. 

Our Fall 2022 campaign started in October and ran through the end of the year. With the support of our agency partner, Shelton Group, the ‘See It, Feel It, Seal It’ videos and display ads were distributed across various platforms, including Meta (Facebook and Instagram), YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok, driving consumer engagement with to brand-agnostic how-to educational content. Overall, the campaign was well-received and helped many homeowners realize that air leaks in their homes can waste up to 30% of their energy consumption. 

The campaign outperformed estimates and benchmarks.

This Spring, we’ll focus on addressing home allergens, DIY pest control, and staying cool in warmer months with new How-To articles and fresh programmatic and social ads (examples below). We’re excited to continue this educational campaign and invite you to join us through the resharing of our videos (Google Drive, YouTube) or articles. Thank you for your support in spreading the word about the campaign!