American Efficient Acquires Energy Analytics Firm PlotWatt

November 15, 2018

American Efficient and PlotWatt are joining forces to accelerate the arrival of metered energy efficiency

DURHAM, NC – American Efficient, one of America’s largest aggregators of energy efficiency resources, today announced its acquisition of PlotWatt Inc., a stalwart leader in residential and commercial energy analytics. PlotWatt’s customers include Fortune 500 firms and 8 of the 10 largest quick service restaurant brands like Wendy’s, KFC and Dunkin Donuts. Together, American Efficient and PlotWatt can transform consumers’ investments in energy efficiency into valuable grid resources in groundbreaking ways, including through metered energy efficiency programs, boosting utility customers’ savings over time.

“The cleanest and least expensive energy is energy you don’t have to consume,” said Mark Laabs, CEO of American Efficient. “For years, we have admired PlotWatt’s innovative tools that make energy information accessible to consumers, and we are excited to accelerate PlotWatt’s work with companies across the country to operate their facilities more efficiently.”

American Efficient works with manufacturers, retailers, utilities and grid operators to incentivize energy efficiency installations and develop portfolios of energy efficiency resources. The acquisition of PlotWatt marks American Efficient’s expansion into commercial energy management software and services. American Efficient and PlotWatt customers own or operate over 200,000 locations combined across the U.S., Canada and New Zealand. To date, American Efficient and PlotWatt have helped provide enough energy savings to the grid to simultaneously power the cities of San Francisco, Boston and Las Vegas for one year.

“By converting raw data into actionable insights, our customers can easily improve energy and process efficiency with zero capital expenditure required,” said Luke Fishback, CEO of PlotWatt. “We’re excited to join the American Efficient team and to provide even more value to our customers and the grid.”

PlotWatt customers can measure, model and simulate the impact of energy efficiency initiatives before they invest, allowing them to target and prioritize investments by potential return. PlotWatt subscribers can see an immediate return on investment with up to 15 percent electricity savings. PlotWatt’s service is of particular value to multi-location businesses because it provides site-by-site comparative analyses as well as operational benchmarking. In addition to energy savings, the service can detect appliances in need of repair and provide business intelligence such as whether a location shuts down early or if deliveries are late. No additional hardware is required to use PlotWatt’s service.

American Efficient, founded in 2011 and based in Durham, North Carolina, currently runs incentive programs for energy efficient installations in 30 U.S. states. Its programs help reduce the need for expensive and inefficient energy generation infrastructure. PlotWatt, founded in 2008 and also based in Durham, North Carolina, provides energy analytics services across the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. PlotWatt will continue to operate under the PlotWatt name.


About American Efficient
American Efficient is a leading developer of energy efficiency resource portfolios in the United States. American Efficient partners with manufacturers, retailers, distributors, utilities and grid operators to develop and manage portfolios of energy efficiency resources. We believe the cleanest and least expensive energy is the energy you never have to consume. For more information visit, and follow American Efficient on Twitter: @makeUSefficient.

About PlotWatt
PlotWatt helps small-and medium-sized business owners manage their energy so they have energy to manage their businesses. Based in Durham, N.C., PlotWatt serves customers in 35 states, as well as Canada and New Zealand. PlotWatt’s machine-learning algorithms analyze energy usage data, which it converts into actionable insights that customers follow to improve energy and process-efficiency. Its service is a particular value to multi-location businesses because it provides site-by-site comparative analysis as well as operational benchmarking. Follow PlotWatt at and @PlotWatt on Twitter.

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