A Sampling of Energy Efficiency Innovators

June 15, 2024
Energy Efficiency

At American Efficient, we pay close attention to companies and products encouraging widespread energy efficiency adoption — from new technologies to incentivizing energy efficiency retrofits in novel ways. Here are five companies on our radar helping to advance energy efficiency adoption: 

  1. Indow: Pioneers in secondary glazing.
    Indow creates custom window inserts that eliminate leaky drafts and reduce external noise. Their inserts easily press inside existing windows to improve performance at a fraction of the window replacement cost. CEO and Founder Sam Pardue created patented compression tubing and an easy-to-use home window measurement system to enable customers to keep the look of their original windows while making their homes more comfortable — with the ancillary benefit of energy efficiency! Popular Mechanics referred to Indow’s ingenious product as “the kind of ridiculously simple invention that you think must have been invented before.” We couldn’t agree more!
  2. Aeroseal: Industry-leading duct & air sealing technology. Aeroseal is solving a critical problem: fixing residential and commercial air ducts that leak air like a cheap pool float. Typically sealing ductwork has been messy, labor intensive, and not an option for most homeowners. Founders Dr. Mark Modera and Amit Gupta created a modified blower that pressurizes and distributes non-toxic, water-based sealing foam and effectively seals any leaks by using the very air that is leaking out of the home and finding any leak point; visible or not. With more than 150,000 buildings sealed by Aeroseal, the company is fighting climate change from the inside out by making buildings more efficient, comfortable, and healthy.
  3. Encentiv Energy: Unlocking utility rebates for smarter decisions. Utility rebates have always taken hours to research and calculate. Encentiv Energy is rethinking how everyone interacts with energy efficiency rebates with its technology that simplifies the process and gives insight into every utility program and rebate estimate. We love how Encentiv’s platform sheds light on all program eligibility requirements for more than 3,200 utilities in the US and Canada! They provide every detail you need to know about hundreds of thousands of energy-saving programs, including ENERGY STAR® and DLC® qualified products, and make it easy to find all necessary documentation for rebate submission and estimate.
  4. Bloc Power: Electrifying lower-income communities. BlocPower is a climate tech company that retrofits buildings in disadvantaged communities with energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and partners with local governments and utilities sponsoring decarbonization and weatherization initiatives. Their key differentiator is no upfront capital requirements and no operational risk to the building owner. Founded by CEO Donnel Baird, a former community organizer, BlocPower is among Fast Company’s 2022 World’s Most Innovative Companies. Bloc Power focuses on energy efficiency, renewable energy, greenhouse gas reductions, economic development, and job creation as a public benefits corporation.
  5. CleanFiber: Next-generation cellulose insulation. Buffalo, N.Y.-based CleanFiber knows a thing or two about cold weather and the importance of insulation. They’ve figured out how to turn old Amazon boxes into next-generation insulation for residential and commercial use. Because CleanFiber® is made from recycled corrugated cardboard, it’s low-dust, blows in easily, provides great coverage, and is fire-safe.